Sportsville is a partnership initiative to bring sports clubs together in different locations.

What's this project about? 

The Sportsville project was launched in September 2009 to create a number of sports ‘villages’ or communities, making it easier for sports clubs to:

  • Attract new members
  • Offer new programmes
  • Control operational costs by pooling resources

Three Sportsvilles are already established in Petone, Fraser Park and Wainuiomata with another hub in Eastbourne being considered.

The focus is on collaboration, not amalgamation. Each club still retains its history and identity, now within a strong and supportive network.

Why do we need Sportsville?

The cost of running clubs and managing buildings is constantly increasing. Clubs throughout New Zealand are struggling with a lack of funding, decreasing membership and fewer volunteers. Sportsville provides us with a strong concept to help us protect and foster our clubs through sports partnerships.

Our Sportsville partners 

Sportsville is a collaboration between:

It’s also supported by:

Our Sportsville hubs

We currently have three hubs in Hutt City - Fraser Park, Petone and Wainuiomata.

Fraser Park Sportsville

Fraser Park was the first Sportsville hub set up as part of this project. It’s made up of eight founding clubs and associations:

Fraser Park Sportsville Incorporated has been established by the founding clubs. A board of directors is leading the new entity and a strategy document has been adopted.

Stage one of the Fraser Park Sportsville project includes an artificial football/rugby turf with floodlights, and a major upgrade of the softball diamonds.  Construction is underway, and due for completion by April 2015. 

Stage two is the construction of a multi-purpose, recreational hub including indoor training areas, squash courts, social spaces, meeting rooms, office areas and a restaurant and café.  This stage is planned for construction 2015-2017.

When completed, Fraser Park Sportsville will be a regionally and nationally significant precinct for sport, recreation and other community activities.

Information on Fraser Park Sportsville and their plans can be found at or by contacting the General Manager of Fraser Park Sportsville Trudy Englebretsen on or on 04 560 0340.

Petone Hub

Petone Hub, the second hub set up as part of this process, consists of:

The Petone hub encompasses sports that are based at Petone Recreation Ground and North Park. ‘Petone Sportsville Incorporated’ was formerly adopted and established by the founding clubs in 2011 and a strategic plan established. The object of the society is to provide “sport for life”, encouraging greater participation in sport and recreation within the Petone community.

Wainuiomata Sportsville

The third, and most recent Sportsville partnership is Wainuiomata and this hub is made up of seven member clubs:

Wainuiomata Sportsville will soon be incorporated with the recent appointment/election of a seven member board.

Outcomes for the community

Sports clubs are a vital part of a vigorous and healthy community, and we’re committed to making our clubs collectively stronger through Sportsville.

Since the launch of the project in September 2009, we’re already seeing many positive outcomes, including:

  • Fraser Park Sportsville Incorporated has been established as a new entity to represent and support its eight founding members.
  • A Board of Directors of Fraser Park Sportsville Incorporated has been established. It will use Board members' expertise and passion for the benefit of all the clubs.
  • Sports clubs are looking at better ways of sharing their facilities.
  • Petone Hub is establishing an inclusive philosophy that will create a sport and recreation centre for the whole community.
  • Wainuiomata is focused on providing more opportunities for youth.
  • Fraser park is embarking on an ambitiousd building project that will provide a regional amenity for sport participation.

We expect to see many more positive outcomes as the hubs develop.

Learning more 

Useful links:

Read SPARC’s Sportville Model Review (July 2008)
Read about modern sports governance (July 2008)
Sign up for Sport Wellington’s “Sport Connector” newsletter

For further information about Sportsville, get in touch with us.

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