Black Creek

A project to enhance stormwater protection and prevent flooding by widening Black Creek, Wainuiomata’s major drainage channel.

What's this project about? 

Work on the Black Creek channel started in 2005 to deal with flooding of the banks of Black Creek, and as part of a wider programme to enhance stormwater protection in Hutt City.

The project is designed to contain flows from a rainfall event that would reasonably be expected once in every 100 years. This is the current stormwater design standard, which takes into account potential climate changes and future development in the catchment.

What’s the duration of the project?

The 100-year return period level of flood protection is being achieved over three stages:

Stage one, completed in 2005/2006

  • Widening of the stream channel between the Main Road bridge and the Parkway Drain
  • Replacing the Bryan Heath Park pedestrian bridge

Stage two, completed in 2006/2007

  • Widening the stream channel between the Parkway Drain and Nelson Crescent bridge
  • Widening the stream channel from the Parkway Drain to Konini Street
  • Constructing a new footbridge over the widened channel in Frederick Wise Park

Stage three, started in 2007/2008

What we've completed so far

  • Replacing the Best Street pedestrian bridge to remove the bottleneck and widen the creek at this point (2007/2008)
  • Design for the realignment of the Konini pedestrian bridge to Rata Street
  • Design of the new Fitzherbert Road Bridge

What happens next?

We’re currently applying for resource consent for the construction of two bridges:

  • In January 2011 construction work will start to remove the Konini pedestrian bridge and construct a new bridge at Rata Street
  • In the new financial year of 2011/2012 the construction of the new Fitzherbert Road Bridge will begin

What will the project achieve for the community?

The work will:

  • Improve the capacity of the Black Creek channel to reduce the likelihood of flooding in the area
  • Improve landscaping, planting and walkway maintenance
  • Allow better drainage from newly shaped grassed berms
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