Roads and parking

We are responsible for everything to do with roads and parking, including constructing new roads, fixing and maintaining existing roads, and policing parking rules.  

Over weight and over dimensional vehicles

If you have a non-standard vehicle, eg. one that’s heavier/larger than most, you may need to get special permission to drive it on our roads.


We manage all parking services in Hutt City.

Road works

Plan a roadwork or any kind of road-related activity or find out about road works in progress.

Road safety

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. The best way to make our roads safer is for every one of us to take care on the roads and keep to the rules.

Signage hiring and consents

If you need to close a road temporarily for a specific event, put up signage at election time or advertise an event you’ll find everything you need to know about each process right here.

Skip and container bins

If you are planning to use a skip or a container outside your property boundary on a public road you may need a permit for it.

Temporary road closures

If you’re planning a parade or a street event that will close a public road, you need to have a temporary road closure permit. 

Vehicle crossings

If you want to improve vehicle access to your property, you may want to put in a crossing or ‘run-up’ across the footpath and kerb to the road.

Weed control

We carry out weed control throughout public roads of the city as a preventative maintenance programme.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges for overstaying parking fines, signage and road work related costs.

Fees and charges include Goods and Services Tax (GST).

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